Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paul Kirk. A Political Move?

Let’s think a moment: we need to see a stronger effort on the part of Democratic leaders to shape health care reform in a way that is meaningful to the American people. It is clear that the opposition is not interested in participating so it is time for the Dems to step up and get it done.
Nancy Pelosi announced during her weekly news conference, as reported by CNN, “she expects a final version soon that would have the support of the full Democratic caucus, which holds a majority in the House.”
Pelosi commented, "We're on course to be ready soon" to put out a bill to the full House.
This means that it is possible to have a Bill that could gain the full support of the Democrats without need of a single Republican vote. If we can get something passed, it will mean a great deal to the party and the President. It can also be a political pitfall for the Republican Party. That is what is at stake.
So to answer the earlier question, was the appointment of Paul Kirk political? The short answer is YES.

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