Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joe Wilson.

Joe Wilson. What can I say…?
Perhaps it is time to get the House Un-American Activities Committee going again to investigate Joe Wilson. His behavior during the Presidential Address to Congress was certainly not what I would call collegial. The man actually called your President (and mine) a liar. “You Lie” could be heard across the chamber. My mouth fell open. I could not believe the disrespect Joe Wilson displayed.
The other thing I noticed was the cool enjoyment by fellow Republicans, some of whom “spontaneously“held preprinted signs during the speech expressing their quiet opposition. In case you missed it, the display was nothing less than choreographed. Nothing the President said was a surprise and therefore could not have allowed for spontaneous outburst. Obama did not say anything surprising to Congress since they get a copy of his speech before hand.
Clearly good ol’ boy Joe wanted to continue the ridiculous trend of disruption during town hall meetings. He wanted to step it up a bit by showing that our President was also subject to the anti-American behavior displayed by GOP-Limbaugh-Beck supporters.
Remember the run up to the Iraq War when President Bush actually did lie. Does anyone recall how many hecklers shouted out “You Lie” during any Bush address? ZERO. That is because the Democrats respected the office even if disagreeing with the policy.
No Matter the disagreement, Obama has earned everyone’s respect. Including Joe Wilsons’. We can all agree that health care is a difficult topic filled with heated opinions and wild speculation. But until we can tone down the nonsense in order to review the facts, there can be no real discussion.
Shame on you, Joe Wilson. Shame on you for your disrespect and veiled hatred for President Obama. Shame on you for failure to add any real ideas for reform. Shame on you and the GOP for “no-matter-the-issue”, oppose everything, approach to serving your constituents. You dishonor the American Government. You disgrace the American spirit. And above all, you showed the American citizen just how low your party is willing to go to protect the Insurance Industry.
Not willing to apologize again? You should apologize again and again, over and over, until the average American can believe you are truly sincere. You should stand before Congress like a man of honor and express your horror at your behavior. Give a very public apology face to face with President Obama to show us that you actually care about what happens to all citizens…not just the ones who support you.
For you see, this debate is not just about what is best for you, or the insurance industry, it is also about what is best for the rest of us as well. Until you start offering real ideas on how we can change health care in this country and significantly bring down costs, you will forever remain in the shadows, mere pawn of the insurance industry, devoid of character or compassion.
You brought great shame to Congress. You add insult to injury by actually autographing memorabilia related to your outburst. Shame on you.
I don’t expect much from you. I suspect you will seek haven among Republican peers who secretly support you; among Fox (Opinion) News Network who will ensure your celebrity among the extremist on the right; and you will go on encouraging more civil disobedience because you want nothing more than the total defeat of President Obama no matter what the cost to the American Citizen.

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