Monday, August 31, 2009

Something to think about

I was just thinking about what our political leaders have been doing to improve education in our country. It made me worry for my own children's future. I found this on the internet. Just some food for thought during the congressional break...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Evil is on the rise in America

Allow me to paint a picture for you...

And this...

And this...

Let there be no doubt about the level of hatred the Right feels for Obama. We should genuinely fear for our country's first black President...
These people will not rest until he is a National failure or dead. Whichever comes first is fine with them.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ted Kennedy died. It is a sad day for us all for so many reasons that I cannot begin to express the profound loss we are all feeling today.

There will undoubtedly be a day or so of public statements from both sides of the political aisle as the politicians fall all over themselves to be seen as someone who cared deeply for Kennedy. And undoubtedly, there will likely be a few who truly can call him close friend. Their words will have meaning to the family and friends of the Kennedy clan.

All that having been said, in a day or so after that, Senators on both sides will begin making plans for the future asking the question, "How can we capitalize on this event."

Sound too harsh? Yes. But that is what will happen. John Boehner undoubtedly is figuring out how he can best gain from this event. There may be emails going back and forth behind the scenes from Republican Senator to Big Business CEO praising God for this gift he has bestowed upon them.

The Congressman of C-Street house, run by the Family , are figuring out how best to come out against the Massachusetts Governor appointing a temporary replacement for the late Sen. Kennedy's seat. They are calculating how best to strongly oppose any such move without appearing too heartless.

I imagine John Boehner, with his trademark scowl, is sending out urgent messages to all of his powerful allies: "We cannot let Obama win...Kennedy's seat must remain vacant!"
What will the Democrats do? Well, if history is any guide, they will defend Ted Kennedy's legacy vigorously, vow to get Health Care Reform done, and in the end, accomplish very little because they are too busy fighting with one another to focus on the job that we put them there to complete.

Do I sound a bit bitter? To borrow a few words from Sarah Palin: "Yep, You Betcha."

p.s., I hope the Dems prove me wrong on this one.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Attacking Obama for Going on Vacation

Unbelievable that Obama has been President for just a little over 6 months now. He has gone through quite a bit after taking office including the backstabbing Republican Party (whose only mission is to break him) and the idiot Blue Dog Democrats who can't see the writing on the wall (if Health care Reform doesn't happen, the Dems will effectively be giving control back to the Republican Party in the next election cycle).


I am happy that Obama is on vacation but I heard on the radio today, an attack ad aimed at the President which basically ridicules him for taking a vacation at all. Yet the Republicans and their mindless followers seem to forget that their fearless leader George W. Bush had 487 days of vacation during his 8 years in office.
Now think about that for a moment. That would be approximately 60 days of vacation per year for each of the 8 Bush was in office. Stay with me here. 60 days...two months of vacation...our country was at war...Katrina...If anyone should have had pressure to stay in office and work, it was old Bushy-Boy.
I don't know about you, but my employer only give me 3 weeks of vacation and I had to work for them for 4 years to earn that much. In an 8 year period, I have had a total of 70 days of vacation time. I spent more time working than he did.
And yet, Conservative nut Jobs wish to scold Obama?
Come on and get real.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nancy Pilosi

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has done the unthinkable! She took a stand in congress. Bravo to Ms Pelosi for stating without a doubt that the House would not pass any bill related to Healthcare Reform that did not have a strong public option component.

That is what is desperately needed in our congress people. Cojones.

Now its your turn to do something. I need you to go out there and talk to your Senator about the need for a strong public option. We all know that without it, there can be no real change in healthcare. Your doctor bills will continue to grow and the insurance companies will get even richer.

Please also contact the Whitehouse and tell Barack Obama he has your support to go it alone without the Republicans. It is clear they don't want to play ball. They are only concerned about the next election cycle.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Call To Action

August recess is almost over and our Senators on the Democratic side are getting an ear full. The only problem is they are hearing from the religious right, but not from all of us in the center and left. But why aren't they? Why don't our senators feel empowered to step up and take bold action in favor of Health care Reform? Because you are not standing up!

We have been largely silent since this reform debate has begun. We have turned over the argument to the GOP and their twisted ideas of what government should be about. Instead of allowing government to do for people that which they cannot do for themselves, we have let Republicans use government to line the pockets of the rich.

When the bail outs were being given out, all of the large multinational corporations were in line saying they needed a helping hand. They were too big to fail. But whenever someone dared suggest we help out Middle America, or God forbid the poor people of this country, they were pushed aside and ridiculed for such a ridiculous notion. Now, on the eve of real change, the Republican Party has decided to spread lies and half truths in order to further their agenda: Break the Obama Administration.

The Republican machine, led by Limbaugh, Palin, and others, continue to push lies and hate speech in order to get you confused. They say that reform is too expensive, will involve rationing, and will kill your Grandma. Inflammatory right? How about, "Obama hates white people?" or "Our Country is being turned into another Russia." All designed to get a segment of the population enraged in order to appear as though the average American is against Health Care Reform. Even now, the GOP is enlisting the help of as many recognizable figures as possible to further their agenda.

Enter Sarah Palin. Yep, you bethca. She is out there saying the Bill (which does not yet exist) will include "death Panels" in which big government will decide whether your aging loved ones live or die. OH COME ON PEOPLE! Really? Does anyone really believe this? The answer unfortunately is, Yes. Some of you actually do. Why? Because a Republican told you so. Sarah Palin told you this and you actually believed it was possible. But guess what. These so called death panels actually do exist. But they are not death panels, but insurance executives making that decision with the stroke of their almighty pen. They decide whether or not to give your mother her cancer medication; or your brother his physical therapy after sustaining horrific injuries defending the US on behalf of each of you in Iraq. I bet Sarah never mentions that bit of information. Amazingly, the GOP aren't alone in all of this. We have the fiscal conservative Democrats helping the Republican Party as well.

The Blue Dogs are out there fighting for the Republican ideal as well. They cannot see that nearly 70% of this country expects real Reform to happen this year. Instead, they claim concern for the cost of reform, yet when offered pet projects for their home states, or kick backs from big business, they fold. What they really are boils down to a gun for hire. Whoever has the deepest pockets wins their loyalty. We cannot continue on this path any longer. Now is the time to get active.

So Stand Up! Be heard wherever you go. Talk about the truth to dispel the lies. Visit Reality Check on the Whitehouse website to be sure you are armed with facts. Get involved by visit your Senators offices and talking with them face to face. Send them a handwritten letter explaining your serious concerns. Call them on the phone until you speak with them directly. They must be held to account. And remember, Obama cannot do this without you. If you thought voting him into office was the only contribution you would have to make, YOU WERE WRONG. He needs us to get this thing done. So get off the couch and fight back America!

Yes We Can!

Call Your Senator Today, then tell me about it. I expect you to do your part and let us all know about it here on the Blog. Now get to work!

Get active America
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