Friday, October 9, 2009

The Haters Keep on Hating

If there is ever a time when we as a country should be celebrating, it was during the Presidents bid for the 2016 Olympics. But now, we have a sitting President who has won the Nobel Peace Prize. And yet, we see the Republican Party and political pundits digging for dirt. Sensationalism.
I had an opportunity to be awake at 3a.m. central in time for the announcement. Surprised? Absolutely. A recognition of Obama's message of hope the world over. So when I hear Politicians exclaim, "It is a gift to the right" in stead of "congratulations" I am witness to the inescapable hatred and defiant nature of the GOP.
Why in the world will they never simply be happy for the President of the United States. All of our President. I keep looking for an ounce of decency in their party but there is none. From the subtle insults to the outright racism that permeats their "oppose everything" style of legislating, they bring great shame to us all.
It doesn't matter if he is working on the Economy, the Environment, or Health Care, the Republicans have decided that opposing him at every turn is the best strategy for 2010. You see, it is not about your wellbeing or mine, it is all about the political calculation they have made which is dependent on Obama's complete failure.
So, by all means...take care of yourselves and don't get sick. But if you do, then "Die Quickly" because their party doesn't care about anything but helping the rich get richer and the poor thrown onto the streets.

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